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Dear Friend,

I have no idea how you got to this website.

Maybe you read about it in some publication. Maybe a friend referred you to it. Perhaps you stumbled onto it by pure dumb luck while looking for information on how to pass a drug test.

But however you got here, consider yourself blessed.  March 17, 2005 is going to go down as the day you were able to get your personal freedom back. Today is the day you say goodbye to worrying about being humiliated and destroyed by a failed drug test. Today is the day you can give the finger to anyone who wanted you to take a drug test or a job that requires your to pass drug test. Because I am about to make you a bold promise about how to pass a drug test …

By the time you have finished this letter, you are going to know exactly what you need to do to pass a drug test. (Even if it’s tomorrow morning and you just got back from partying, you'll know how to pass a drug test.)

I work for a very well known consulting firm that does not require me to pass a drug test. Because my company never tested I never really gave it a second thought when I was offered a smoke on the weekends… until I came into the office one Monday (after I had smoked on Saturday night) and I was told I was needed to manage a project that was not going well. The project was for a large institutional bank, and because of the scope of my work I would need to pass a drug test because all the employees of the bank were required to take one. Immediately panic set in. What can I do? Who can I trust? Where Should I turn? I immediately went on the internet, and I got your information on how to pass a drug test. The information was clear, to the point, and provided me with the exact information I needed to pass. Thank you, Mr. X whoever you are; you really are a life-saver.

Los Angeles, CA

As you will soon discover, I had to learn fool-proof ways to pass a drug tests in order to GET MY LIFE BACK… But not for the reason that you might expect.

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You May Know Me

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this topic…I must remain anonymous. Quite frankly, if I told you my name you might even recognize it. You may have seen me or my companies profiled in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, and FOX News. And I can’t risk having my name associated with a website that reveals how to pass a drug test, especially because I have a confession to make…

Let me make this real clear upfront though. Although in my life I’ve enjoyed the occasional joint and other recreational drugs…I am NOT a drug addict. I couldn’t be. If I were I wouldn’t have achieved the success I have at such a young age. I mean really, let’s not kid ourselves; recreational drug use is part of our lives no matter what the “Just-Say-No” or the TV evangelicals are preaching.
People will always enjoy recreations drug use and there will always be a need of individuals to know how to pass a drug test.

Fortunately for me I’ve owned my own business since the age of 23. I’ve never had to worry about passing drug tests, in fact I don’t even have to worry about office hours…I have plenty of people working for me who handle the day-to-day work. Drugs have never even been an issue in my business, but for a group of my friends the story is very different and very critical.

Party Like Rock-Stars

Here’s why I bring this up. I have had the same friends since elementary school. And while I went into the business world to stake my claim, they all entered different industries. Some highly regulated, others more loosely structured but most requiring them to pass a drug test, and some even by surprise.

For years, we’ve been getting together on the weekends. Sometimes we’d get drunk, other times we’d smoke a jay, and on rare occasions we’d "party like rock-stars." This time spent together with my closest friends is one of the things I enjoy most in my life.

So I think you’ll understand my concern when one of my friends, Sam, failed to pass a drug test. You see up until this time we all thought we were invincible. My friends could do whatever they wanted during our weekends together and then buy one of those over the counter “detox/flush” products and be ok.

My Friend Humiliated

But we were wrong! Sam lost his job, his girlfriend, and his life changed for the worse. After loyally putting in years working for a company Sam could no longer even list it on his resume.

When Help Becomes Automatic Failure

The drug testing industry has changed. And the products that worked even a few months ago are now causing automatic failures. In other words drug-testing companies are no longer just testing for drugs; they’re also testing for the products that help you pass drug tests. And if they find any trace of those products in your urine…guess what?... they automatically fail your specimen. End of story.

The Beginning Of Boring Weekends

I was worried about my friend Sam who failed, but I was also worried about our entire group. And so was everyone else. Almost immediately our weekends lost their zip. Everyone had become cautious, almost phobic, and quite frankly things got very boring.

So one weekend night I decided I had-had enough…

A Research Project The Feds Will Never Fund

The next Monday morning, I called my assistant into my office and told her to use my access, my resources, and my money to find me the best researcher available with a background in bio-medical engineering.

By Thursday, the researcher was sitting across my desk as I revealed to him his “top-secret project”. I told him I wanted to know everything and anything about passing drug tests without getting caught.

I wanted to know…

How famous actors and actresses could snort drugs all night long and then show up for a morning drug test and pass with flying colors.
The secret tricks that ex-convicts still on probation use to pass drug tests while resuming their hard-core drug habits with their probation officer none the wiser.
The exact steps that professional athletes use to smoke up all weekend yet piss clean on Monday.
What every East-European athlete does to come up squeaky clean when being tested at the Olympics and how they pass drugs test.
Down and dirty, homegrown cheap techniques that MIT type pot-heads have discovered to passing drug tests.
If any of the products advertised in head-shops, in the back of High-Times, and all across the net actually work – or are they just a complete rip-off.
Exactly how the drug testing equipment works and how sensitive it is
And what would you do if your job, your reputation, and your life depended on passing drug tests.


I had realized when my friend failed his test how unreliable most of the information is that’s out there. I still wanted our weekend fun to continue. But I knew unless I had the real truth about beating these drug tests I could kiss goodbye any chances of us resuming our weekend rock-star ways.

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Break Out Your Stash And Let The Party Begin

4 months and thousands upon thousands of dollars later the Fed-Ex package was on my desk. The report detailed in specific step-by-step fashion everything that anyone would need to know about how to pass a drug test.

But I wasn’t convinced yet. So I called the two other guys in my group who didn’t have to worry about being tested. We scored lot of different products (you know what I mean) and we lit the town on fire…

Friday night, we inhaled…

Saturday night, we snorted….

And Sunday afternoon we swallowed a few happy pills.

It was a blast – and all in the name of science and research. Sunday night we followed the instructions and Monday submitted to tests… WE ALL PASSED!

Let The Good Times Roll

Once we knew we were invincible again, the entire group got back together. It was fantastic and at times a little outrageous as we made up for lost time.

Every dollar that was spent on the research now seemed well worth it. Actually my biggest regret was not thinking of getting my hands on this information earlier.

About a month and half later I got a call in my office – it was Michael. He had just submitted to a random drug test. He’d have the results in a few days. We were all worried. The next two days seemed like 2 weeks as we all anxiously awaited Michael’s results.

Mr. X, call on line 3, it’s your friend, Michael” came across my intercom.

I picked up the phone. Michael was screaming in joy. “I Passed, I Passed, and I owe it all to you.

It was an exciting time for everyone in my group. We all felt as if we had beaten the system – and you know what? We had.

Your Lucky Weekend

The weekend after receiving Michael’s results was crazy. We were reckless, getting our hands on everything we could. By the end of the evening on Saturday we ended up taking some happy pills and then returning to my million dollar loft in Manhattan. As we were kicking back in my living room we discussed everything we had been through.

Michael was especially happy (those little pills with the butterfly on them will do that) and he said “I think it’s unfair that we keep this information to ourselves. Remember what happened to Sam? Everyday, there are thousands of Sams out there whose lives are destroyed and we have the information to prevent it.

Now to be honest I wasn’t too crazy about the idea. Yeah, I had paid a lot of money for this information on how pass drug tests, but I only did it for one reason, to keep the good times rolling…

But after discussing it for an hour or two, I decided my friends were right. It’s unfair to keep such valuable information out of the hands of people who need it the most. People who don’t have the access or money I have, people who don’t even have a friend like me to help them out.

Especially since there are hundreds of thousands of websites and advertisements giving you false “information” and selling you fake products that simply do not work. These web-sites and advertisements are currently making huge profits on people’s ignorance and fear!

These unethical marketers know they have you at an extreme disadvantage. They know you’re probably worried, anxious or stressed about the strong possibility of losing your job and the humiliation that it would cause. So they pitch you the same lies and broken promises that have been working since drug tests were invented. Do these products work? The overwhelming majority of them don’t.

As far as I can tell, you can break up these slime-balls up into 2 different (but equally revolting) groups:

1 Resellers who have never tested any of their products. They buy the same products as all the others like them because they make the most profit on these cheap, ineffective, watered down products.
2 Big companies that own dozens if not hundreds of these sites all selling the same stuff, just under different names and different packaging.

This leaves most people who are in a situation like you’re probably in with nowhere to turn. Until now!

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Would You Like To Be My Friend?

So today you are invited to become one of my friends. I am willing to share with you the same special report that I paid thousand upon thousands to have created. The same special report that helps my friends pass one drug test after another. But before we go any further here’s a small sample of what you’ll read in this explosive report.

The single most potent way to crank your metabolism into high-gear, this will literally force your body to shed any traces of past use in the quickest way possible. Then we’ll show you how to practically shut-down your metabolism so if any traces are still remaining it will stay locked up inside your body and not inside your pee cup.
You will never be “taken by surprise”…because no matter when they spring a random test on you – you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it. So you no longer have to “Just Say No” and you can start saying YES!
You will suddenly know every single secret discovered by my drug researcher that virtually eliminates a positive reading practically overnight. This will put you back in control so you can walk into any testing situation with a steel-eyed calm-confidence you’ve never experienced before. You’ll just smile in the waiting room where you’ll watch in amusement everyone else being overcome by their anxiety as their heart races and beads of sweat fall from their brow.
The shocking truth about popularized “home remedies” broadcasted all over the net. Watch-Out! Because if you rely on these useless, outdated techniques you’ll have to figure out how you’re going to explain-away why there are years missing from your resume. Why? Because you can’t get a recommendation from a boss who says “sorry, we’re going to have to let you go…you failed your drug test”
A dirt-cheap, extremely-simple, can’t-get caught technique to find out exactly what you are up against. You’ll discover in a step-by-step format how to find out exactly what test you are taking. You can’t find this information anywhere, but without it you’ll fry.
The real reason why some people fail even after being clean for over 60 days and step-by-step checklists to take you from automatic test-failure to thank god I got your book and passed my test… no matter what you took and when you took it.
The very first step you must do when you find out you’re going to be tested. Violate this rule and your chances of beating the test drop faster than a skydiver without a parachute.
Why almost every passing-tip and product is dead-wrong about how to beat your test and how you can avoid making the same mistakes that have ruined countless careers. You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and anyone else who might rely on you or your paycheck to get the facts…and the sooner the better.
Daily thousands of test-takers who would’ve passed the test had they done nothing, kill any chance of passing by buying and using some heavily advertised product that causes an immediate failure. Once you understand the 2 ways drugs are stored in your body…you’ll never make their mistake.
I’ll reveal to you the new government drug testing guidelines that require practically all laboratories to perform a certain test on your specimen even before they test it for drugs. Not knowing about these tests will cause an automatic failure if you rely on certain products available over the internet or specific household items to help you pass. You’ll know exactly what they’re looking for and how they test for it, not one in ten thousand test-takers know about this, and it’s one of the single biggest reasons why so many people fail destroying their lives and causing themselves unnecessary pain and suffering.
The terrifying truth about medications purchased over the web and what you’ll need to do if you’ve taken any… For your own sake don’t find this out after it’s too late and you can no longer do anything about it. These prescription drugs will destroy you if you don’t take action. You’re definitely going to need this information and the sooner you get it the easier it will be to turn this potential catastrophe into a non-issue.
A ready-to-use-now mini-arsenal of guidelines that drug-testing companies are desperate to keep out of your hands. These amazingly effective cleansing techniques are so easy, yet so powerful that once you get them you’ll understand exactly why these drug-testing companies would fight tooth and nail to prevent the public from seeing them. It’ll literally take them years to overcome these secrets.
Elegant alternatives that work much better than risky go-to-jail-if-you-get caught methods… over 160 companies are still selling these incredibly risky products on the net without any warning of the consequences and the likely outcome of getting caught.
Exactly what you need to know about every type of drug test currently used so you can follow the simplest and quickest plan to overcome any obstacles your habits have put in your way. These are super-effective-procedures you can learn as fast as you can turn the page. Never-before-seen stuff. Pissing off laboratory workers across the entire US and Canada.
Charts, Graphs, and Checklists, - we’ve included everything and anything that we could think of to make this as easy as possible heck, you don’t even need to read the entire report to beat your drug test all you need to do is follow the checklist for your specific drug and the amount of time you have. As long as you can follow simple steps you will learn exactly what you need to do to pass your test without really even trying.
The vital factors that seem to be unrelated to drug –testing that you must know before deciding which method is your best approach – heed my warning…if you fail to take just one of them into account it could be the difference between passing a drug test or failing…or to put it in another way it could be the difference between walking around unemployed and labeled a drug addict for the remainder of your life or getting to keep your current lifestyle intact (which I promise you no matter how bad it is – getting caught will only make it worse)
The ‘Right’ way to fill out the forms when taking your test… Many people who have never touched a single drug in their lives have still failed, so nobody is 100% safe – but if you fill out the forms correctly you’ll be able to plead your case and retake the test. If not you just might end up screwed.
Food that will almost certainly cause you to come up as a drug addict when the lab runs their tests. If you don’t know what these foods are…you could do everything right and still fail and be destroyed. We list them all.

 And get this, this is just a small sample of the amazing information that you’ll find in this eye-opening, in-depth, all-embracing, leaves-no-stone-unturned manual.

Heck, it shouldn’t even be called a manual… it’s more like breaking into the testing lab in the middle of the night, cracking open their safe and discovering every secret, technique, concept and sliver of experience.

If you plan on ever ingesting anything again, you need to own this hand-holding, step-by-step shortcut to clean drug tests.

How Soon Will You Feel Your Job Is Safe?

Now, I had a hard time deciding what to charge for this. Here’s how I arrived at the price, which I will tell you in a minute.

First, my assistant who is paid well spent the better course of a week tracking down the right person to put this research together. I figure I’ve got at least 15 hours involved in this project too between conversations with the researcher, reviewing materials, etc... Then of course there is the money I paid the researcher to do the job. But when I totaled all that up, it came to about $17,645.

But I can’t charge you $17,645; you could never afford it. And it wouldn’t be fair.

So then I thought, why not charge you what I spent on the researcher. Or better yet, why don’t I split the cost of the researcher with you… But this still adds up to a whopping $4,773.

Okay, I thought $17,645 and $4,773 are too much. And then it came to me.
Getting information like this that will protect your job, should easily be worth at least the equivalent of one week’s salary. But then I took the average annual US salary of $27,155 and divided it by 52 weeks and I got $522.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think this information is worth far more than $522 (heck, I paid more than 30 times that price!). I mean really, this information will be the difference between keeping your job and continuing to receive a salary and being unemployed, searching for a job, and being forced to explain the countless years missing from your resume. But I know most people would have a hard time parting with this amount of cash.

So, I’ve decided to make this dirt cheap to see how many people will snatch this information up as part of a marketing test. I’m going to reduce even the lowest price I could come up with by 91%. That’s right; the price right now is only $47. This represents only 9 cents for every dollar on already the cheapest price I could come up with.

Your tiny investment of $47 will allow you to enjoy life without having to continually “look over your shoulder” and live in constant fear of another drug test. For less than an evening out you’ll have total peace of mind. But to lock in this price you’ll have to order fast, because to be honest, I think I'm pricing this way too cheap, I’m literally going to have to sell more than 300 copies just to get what I have already invested in just the research back.

WARNING: A Word Of Caution

There are a lot of 2-bit con-men out there on the web who can smell your fear. They would like nothing more than to separate you from your hard earned money. Never mind the fact that they couldn’t help you pass a test even if their lives depended on it.

The current situation is just like a hundred years ago, when snake oil salesmen would come into town, promising everything and delivering nothing. Except these modern day marketers are playing around with your future. They’ll promise you the world just to get their greasy little hands on your cash. And the worst part about is….if you follow their advice YOU WILL FAIL!

Yet, as incredible as this information is, my business experience tells me that only about 25% of people visiting this site will respond. Although, that’s fine with me from a business standpoint (I’ll still live my millionaire lifestyle), it bothers me personally.

You see, I know how much you need this information, and how much better you’ll feel once you have it. Because of this, I just hate the thought of someone not getting the information because of some error or omission in my explanation. That’s why I held a special brainstorming session with my friends just to figure out why you might not take me up on this incredible opportunity to once-and-for-all protect yourself from needlessly failing a drug-test. After several hours, our group could think of only 3 possible reasons. Here they are:

1. You think you can get the information elsewhere. – Listen, do you honestly believe that free sites on the web, message-boards, and articles on sites that are trying to sell you their “super-duper-detox” product have spent the thousands upon thousands of dollars required to get at all the latest tips to beat the tests?

I mean really, why would they? But don’t take my word for it….

All I can say is thank god I got your information. I searched all over the web for the truth. One site would tell me all I need to do is drink product x, another told me I would automatically fail if I drank x. The hours of surfing only left me worried and confused. Then I came across your site the night before my drug test, got the report, and all of sudden everything made sense. I knew exactly what to do, and I did it. I especially feel thankful because if I had I followed the advice recommended on a few of the sites I would have failed for sure. I passed the drug test, kept my job and I owe it all to you. Thank you!

H.K .
Boca Raton, FL

2. You think an over-the-counter-product will solve your worries. – I’m not sure how you could really think this but just in case…The drug testing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. They know about every single product that is being offered to help beat their tests. A long time ago some of these products even worked. But the testing industry got smart years ago, and now not only do they test for drugs, but they also test for traces of these products in your sample. In other words the same products that could have helped you pass a few years ago, now cause an automatic failure. Here’s what Michael S. had to say in NY.

I found out I was going to be tested to get the job I had been hired for. It was a dream job on Wall Street. I wasn’t really too worried about it though because I had stopped using a few weeks earlier because I thought they might test me. But then I figured it was better to be safe then sorry so I bought one of those 5-hour products over the web. I followed the instructions, took the test, and nearly had a heart attack when the test came back with an automatic failure. Needles to say, I didn’t get the job. I was miserable. A friend told me about your website so I checked it out. I figured I had nothing to lose so I got your manual. Wow! I never knew that information like this existed. The next job I got, I had a drug test too. Only this time I passed. You really saved my butt.

Michael S.
Long Island, NY

3. You don’t trust me or believe me. – Quite possibly you’re skeptical, you’re not really sure you believe me or my story. Maybe you can understand why I wouldn’t want to reveal my identity but that doesn’t make it any easier for you either.

Well, my friend that is why I am going to bend over backwards to take all the risk off you and place it squarely on my shoulders. I’m going to make it so that you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, while I bear all the risk. Not bad, huh?

You’re probably wondering how am I going to remove the risk, how am I going to make it so that you simply cannot lose? My answer is….

All You Have To Say Is… ‘Maybe’

That’s right, I’m so confident in this material I’ve got a most unusual proposition for you.

But first you need to understand the methods behind my madness. I believe that it’s my responsibility to remove any and all obstacles that might stand in your way of getting this information that you desperately deserve.

So in order to give you absolutely no reason to sit this one out, so that the only person you’ll ever have to blame for not getting your hands on this incredible research is yourself. Here’s my proposal.

I will not consider your purchase binding for a full 60 days. That means that this material either lives up to every promise I’ve made you, that it answers every question you may have, so that you feel 100% confident that you now have all the information you need to pass your test, and in fact that you do pass your test or I want you to send me an email and I’ll give you a complete, no-questions-asked, prompt and courteous refund. But it gets even better…..

I want you to keep all the information. That’s right, even if you ask for a refund. I will never turn it off, or ask for you to send it back. Bottom line – the manual is everything I say it is….or…you get it for free FOREVER!

Reread the above two paragraphs for loopholes if you like, You won’t find any. My money-back guarantee is absolute. That’s how sure I am that you’ll be amazed at the incredibly useful material you’ll be receiving and that you’ll pass any drug test you take.

All risk is lifted from your shoulders and placed squarely on mine. I want you to feel that this information is worth at least 10 times what you paid for it or it’s free. Why? Because I know that if you had to pay to get this information put together it would cost you 100 times the price (or more) like it did me.

I don’t see how I can be any fairer than that.

I’m Making A Lot Of Enemies Fast

Listen, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what I am doing here is very controversial.

The drug-testing companies can’t afford for this information to get out into the public or it could destroy the entire industry.

The two-bit marketers who sell you cheap products that don’t really work aren’t going to be too happy when they find out about this web-site either.

And of course, let’s not forget the government. The bottom line is that people in the government are quite happy about drug testing. It’s a way for the government to get big-business to act like big-brother and do some of their dirty work for them.

I know that I’m pissing off quite a large group of people (the very same people who’ve been pissing you off) by sharing this insider information. And…

That’s why I can not promise that this web-site will stay up too long. I mean really, I simply make to much money from my ‘real’ businesses to warrant any outside exposure on my part.

If it weren’t for my friends I would just gladly keep this whole thing a secret. But they convinced me otherwise and as long as I don’t get to much heat from outside forces this website will remain. But once the pressure starts to heat up, I am pulling the plug. Then the only way you’ll be able to get access to this type of information is to pay the big bucks like I did and have the research done for yourself.

Sure Recreational Drugs Can Be Fun…
But This Is No Laughing Matter

Sure, having this information will allow you to go out at night and not have to worry about what might be waiting for in the coming hours, days, and weeks back at work.

But what this information is really about is safe-guarding your livelihood. It’s about keeping your private life – private. It’s about keeping your job and not having to struggle to find a new one. It’s about avoiding the humiliation that comes from being fired because you’ve gotten caught after the fact.

The next move is up to you. I’ve shared with you the complete story of why this research was done. I’ve given you the absolute best guarantee that I could possibly give you. You and I both know that if you’ve read this far in the letter, you’re seriously interested in being able to pass a drug test. All that’s left for you to now is take action. Instant Download.

Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose. I’m taking all the risk. You owe it to yourself, and anyone else who might rely on your paycheck to get this information before I either raise the price or take down the site all-together. Instant Download

It Doesn’t Matter If It’s 4 In The Morning!

Download information of passing drug teasts now and you’ll have the information in your finger tips within minutes. And even better than that….you’ll be ready to pass your test within hours!

All Transaction Are Confidential

I understand the importance of privacy in a matter as sensitive as this. It should go without saying that your personal information will never be sold to any outsider. In fact, there won’t even be any reference to drug testing on your credit card statement. The $47 charge on your statement will appear as "CLICKBANK/KEYNETICS". (You can tell your girlfriend it was to help you pass a job interview!)

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